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Under the Blog section you can read bi-weekly posts that give you some insight behind the scenes of professional event planning. These precious
tidbits are meant to pass on several decades of experience in an easy, casual

We believe and experience it every day that the success of an event is in the

RagazzART represents quality, elegance, style and the importance of lasting
experience for 20 years, in the spirit of RagazzART character traits:

  • classy;
  • straightforward;
  • purposeful;
  • lively;
  • excellent;
  • memorable.

Our revamped image clearly reflects what we represent:

Timeless classicism that is defined by strict rules, engrafted by the contemporary usage of space.
The harmony of stability and excitement.
Transparency makes our values even more attractive.

Enjoy reading, don’t be afraid to immerse in the images that start to play
before your eyes, and feel free to use these ideas to whatever extent.

We also hope that we can provide you with useful tips, hints, insight or
approaches, whether you are just interested in the exciting world of event
planning or actually want to spice up a birthday party, a family event etc.
Caution! Snitching ideas IS allowed!

Welcome to this magical world ☺
Hédi Bakró-Nagy