Hybrid events are the future?

International digital event solutions after COVID

Openings haven’t even started yet, but professionals at all event agencies are already thinking about what real life events will look like again. Are we enthusiastic? Sure we are!

Do we want to put the last period behind us? For the most part yes, but we wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t admit that we want to keep many – many – new digital elements in our in-person events, as this year has brought some significant & important innovations.

Right now, we’re organizing a training session with Silicon Valley’s best-known communication consultancy for one of our most valued clients. We will never give up on online solutions like this – it really opens us up to international speakers and content.

Interesting fact: Nancy Duarte’s TED talk on building good speeches.

We also loved organizing a virtual Santa Claus show for another of our Featured Partners! The main guest-speaker – famous Youtuber Trunk Tomi – joined the live broadcast from a skiing circuit in Lapland! These were truly brilliant moments – which we enjoyed immensely.

Pre-communications are mostly based on complex online content from films. These changes have been super important of the profession’s life, with many new storytelling tools gaining their prominence.

We will not abandon these – all of them can be easily integrated into a live event. The boundaries of our creativity have been opened up widely, and there is so much more freedom to experience when dreaming up an event. The combination of possibilities has multiplied!

Even familiar solutions are becoming more and more effective with a well-constructed strategy of conscious and thoughtful event elements.

But the methodology has not changed: exchange experiences, analyse the target group, formulate the objective – following the re-search and the main planning.

For us, this is the present… and the future.