Online event platforms, or which one should I use?

The recent period has radically changed not only the everyday form of communication, but also the world of events. We haven’t been able to host a personal, live event for more than a year, but recognizing the need for change in the beginning, we’ve gathered plenty of online event experience.

When our Clients decide to organize an event online for their employees, partners, or their own clients, one of the most important of several important questions is: What platform should I use?

Of the basic 2 methods, one is WEBINAR and the other is STREAM (and of course a combination of these).

What is webinar?

Webinar is a very much used online event platform.

Webinar is actually a term born of a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”. With access to the internet it can be used from anywhere in the world. Participants can hear and see each other at the same time. Webinar is essentially about bringing offline conferences online. It is limited in the number of participants.

Not only because of the carrying capacity of each software, but beyond a point, it is not recommended. It can become unmanageable if everyone wants to have a say at the same time. Imagine if 100 people start talking in a room (even if there is a moderator) at once.

What is stream?

Streaming is basic method of online events.

Video streaming is the method of making a live or pre-recorded video available for viewing on the Internet. It is basically a one-sided broadcast that can be watched via the internet by clicking on a link without downloading.

This is the “TV show of the modern age”. In terms of number of viewers, there is no upper limit, even thousands can watch at once, the point is that the broadcast center has a strong wifi signal.

From an event organizer’s perspective, we need to decide when to offer one or the other to our clients.
Then our basic question is, do they want some kind of interaction between the presenters and the participants? Both options have their own possibilities.

When it comes to smaller group events (0-30 people), where it is important for the participants to be able to talk to each other, the webinar is definitely recommended on different platforms, for example:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams

They can talk to one another, chat in groups, or in private, and share documents and screens.

When you want to convey information to a large audience of more than 100 people and communication with them is secondary, a stream is recommended. However, there is no need to be scared, there is a possibility for interaction here as well, we can offer countless possibilities.

So then we broadcast the show from a studio (read our previous blog post about different studios) on a certain platform, for example:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook

These videos can be embedded in any website, so we can create a unique space for our events in the virtual world as well.

How to combine the two?

This is already a real “level-up”, but we can answer everything in a consultation. We will present this opportunity through our own event in our next blog post.

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