The Oscars 2021

A really good hybrid event

A good hybrid event is perhaps one, where the first thing that comes to mind it is not hybrid. The solutions are unobtrusive, the in-person presence is not replaced by video calls only. The Golden Globes, which are very much online, were a good rehearsal for the Oscars. Since then, the situation in California has also become more stable, with more and more secure solutions being tried out for gigashows.

The Oscars were a boutique event, but the winners and guests were there in person – Anthony Hopkins was a certified absentee – reportedly sleeping at his home in Wales, but this morning he was graciously thanking them for their awards. In the same natural and personable way as the Gala was.

Anthony Hopkins’s message

Was the 93rd Academy Awards a good event? We think it was. The current situation didn’t overwhelm every moment of the gala – there was something quite elegantly nostalgic about the seating and the layout. It felt like an Art Deco nightclub, with stars like Glenn Close and Brad Pitt at the tables.

This athmosphere was not monotonous and boring, but vibrantly contemporary in every small details. This was no longer an event for a world in shock from a coronavirus, but for a new world that was beginning to lay the foundations for life after the epidemic.

Many of us are debating whether Hollywood is heading in an unlivably cautious and apothecary-measured pc direction, or whether there remains a lot of tension beneath the surface.

Somehow at the Oscars we felt neither – it all felt so natural and genuinely fair. Great, Chloe Zhao’s recognition – but perhaps a more important moment was when Glenn Close shook her booty. Because this is a generation about which the majority society tends to think in the same silly stereotypes as other minorities. But let’s face it, Glenn Close is pretty cool when he twerk – we could all do with a bit of confidence!

Twerk by Glenn Close

We all have moments in our lives that deserve an Oscar. We may take them for granted, we may quickly get distracted by the everyday work, but we should also acknowledge ourselves. Also we have had to learn to be proud of the past, to be able to adapt, to change and to be open.

We, the RagazzART team

We also had a little surprise in store for you – if you haven’t seen any details from the Gala yet, this summary will give you a quick overview.