Programmes or packages?

4.0 solutions for online and hybrid eventn

International workshop with star speakers, coffee making, cocktails, pizza and stand up … Italian gourmet bites, theatre performance, motivational trainers.
This is just a small part of what RagazzART has to offer for online events.

We talk a lot about online platforms, technical solutions – but these are “only” the framework of a virtual event – the heart of any event is the content, that is, the different professional and entertaining programs.

This is of course a menu that everyone is free to choose from, but rarely does it work that way. Most often, we work with our partners to find the programme that is the best, most unique experience for the target group and still delivers the most information.

Programmes can be professional presentations or entertainment streams, but this is just a base.

We work out the interactions together, choosing the most appropriate platform. But a program is usually not a program!


In our experience, bespoke packages work best – especially if we can think about them together, and work out the details together. The key aim and challenge is to engage all 5 senses at an event. We want to open up the screen of the laptop and deliver colourful, smelly, tasty, musical programmes.

It could be a good combination:

a champagne tasting and a theatre or opera performance,
or a stand-up and a craft beer workshop.

Expanding time – pre-communication and follow up

We can complete a small live event with online pre-communication or follow up programmes. The spectrum is now at its widest, as we always consider on an individual basis when to consider live, hybrid or online programmes.

And a short, 1-hour online event will be a much more memorable and impactful experience if you send materials weeks before the event and keep in touch afterwards.

An online or hybrid event should not be neglected – we can’t spare the effort, the dramaturgy, the programme elements. This is often a more complex and complex task than for a live event. If we skip this creative preparatory work, we will almost certainly end up with a dull, uninteresting, less professionally useful online meeting.

We believe in exciting variations, professional content and storytelling. Without it, an online or offline event is not remarkable.

We feel that this will be the summer, this will be the near future. Let’s choose together and find the best combination!