Variations for online events – studio or outside location?

Studio solution with the most professional technique

Professional studio, virtual online solutions

For a spectacular, multi-person studio event, the „state-of-the-art” studio with exciting LED walls, green box and virtual studio solutions is the most perfect choice. We surely can imagine an award ceremony or a neat gala event in such a professional environment. The only limit is your imagination.

An eye-catching animated backdrop on the wall and us..

Separate controls, professional crew, 5 cameras. We can even broadcast a show with this.

A little background info: the PVW caption is the selected camera picture, the PGM caption is the image of the currently selected camera or feed.

Compact studio solutions

In a small studio, we can propose solutions with simple equipments, let’s say for a cosy lecture or a 1 person presentation. In this case: 2 cameras, a proper LED wall or a green background could be more then enough.

In the following pictures we will show you some good examples.

Even a well-equipped photo studio can be built-in

Online event with remote studio

The third option is a studio set up at an off-site location, which can be even at the client’s headquarters. This is often the most convenient and simplest solution. Here as well, we use professional technology – an LED wall or a greenbox set up can also be easly installed. The right number of crew members is tailored specially to the event.

Live online event from our client’s headquarter

Broadcasting live events, such as round table discussions or TVs programmes, requires a different team than for a smaller presentation for instance.

Ideal summer location for an online event

For an online or hybrid event, the most important thing is to work together to find the best solution for the client’s needs. We always take into account the purpose of the event, the atmosphere and the available budget obviously. Online events are so colorful and versetaile, there is not one like the other – they require endless brainstormings and feasible dreams to turn them into reality. That’s the real challenge – finding the most ideal packages and combining them expediently.