Subjective: My Favorite Classy Event Venue

I was asked the above question at an event. As the founder of an event planning company and a professional dreamer, I could not answer this question in one word. There are a lot, a whole lot of them! It depends on the client and the purpose. Only your imagination can limit your choice in picking your favorite venue.

Weather is an important factor. For good weather, beach etc.: The “Öböl Ház” at the Kopaszi Dam or the Robinson Restaurant in the City Park. My personal favorites are rooftop solutions. Their number is increasing in the city: 360Bar, High Note Sky Bar or the relatively new A38.

I also classify museums as classy: one of my favorites is the temple ruin of the Kiscell Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. But we should not forget about historical castles either: for example, the Vajdahunyad Castle, which is surrounded by a wonderful park, too.

Mansions offer a unique option for event planners who seek elegance for small-scale events.  My favorites in this category are: the fairytale-like Sacelláry Mansion, built in the style of historicism; the Neo-Baroque style Ádám Mansion and the WRITER’S VILLA, hiding remotely among the Buda Hills.

Do you wish to demonstrate innovation and development? In this case, opt for the latest trends: high-tech, modern or clear-out style like the Palace of Arts (MüPa), the BMC building, TEREM or the event halls of Société Budapest, a popular venue for premium category conferences, fashion shows, trainings, workshops or small meetings.

To me, the Castle Garden Bazaar and the Vigadó represent the synthesis of the past, the present and the future. Whatever the message may be, there is plenty of room for making fantasies real.

However, the list of exciting upscale event venues that are worth mentioning (by their location or design), still continues. Just to mention a few: the KIOSK, located in the very center of Budapest; the ever-changing Akvarium Club or the TEREM.

One of my biggest favorites is the Orfeum. Or, the Ram Colosseum for large- scale, “stage-centered” concepts.

To cut a long story short: it depends on the given concept, which venue I fall in love with.

What do you think? What is your TOP1 classy event venue in Budapest?