THE VENUE: the Alpha and the Omega

Where to go? What is trending? Which will be the best venue?

The concept of venue covers a wide palette. You may choose from venues with a capacity of only a few people up to venues that can host thousands.
Your decision may be based on the headcount, the characteristics or the type of the venue. BUT!

There are 3 questions that always need to be clarified first and foremost:

  1. WHO: definition and image of the company i.e. the host.
  2. TO WHOM: definition of the target audience i.e. the guests
  3. WHAT FOR: the message; the take-away

The job of the event planner is to create the HOW, and the venue forms an
integral part thereof.

Each company has its unique character and needs, which will point the direction of searching for the venue. It is fascinating to see how boundaries
and definitions in corporate communications are being moved and broadened as a result of the impact of social culture. It is always recommended to inform yourself in advance on the “habit culture” of the invited guests, beyond the standard aspects you take into consideration (female to male ratio, age distribution, social position etc.).

Nowadays, complete communications, creative strategies and psychological modes of action are built on event communications. And the sweeping and
ever-changing pool of devices keeps us up-to-date on an ongoing basis. The
most important thing is an empathic approach towards the company, the target audience and the message.

The professional message is wrapped into experience. By creating a parallelism with the thematic concept, the indirect content will be effectively integrated into the everyday work of coworkers and partners. Furthermore, it also strengthens their loyalty towards the company, using the devices of team spirit, loyalty or evoking the childish self.

There are expectations and decision criteria involved both in the project and the concept, which can guide you in picking potential venues. Decisive criteria for the venue in general: it should be innovative, trendy, new, unique and easily accessible. On the other hand, the devil is in the details: arrangement, seating, stage (if any), any additional programs etc.

And then, the home-stretch. Organize a few brainstorming sessions with your team; search the Internet and always walk around with your eyes and ears wide open. Event venue search portals and forums with videos and photos can be of great help, just like personal experience. And most of all, it can help you the most if you are extremely curious and always notice (and try) newly opened places, attend parties, conferences, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, festivals etc.

What do you think? What is your foolproof recipe for finding venues?

Feel free to share your insight, ideas or questions.