Virtual Golden Globe

Online events in the world.

If someone told us a year and a half ago that the 78th Golden Globe Gala was going to be held virtually because of the epidemic, we would have looked at it as if it was about a sci-fi.

Instead of the red carpet, we could see the stars in their own living room, only those were there in person at the Beverly Hilton who conferenced the winners.

This could be depressing from an event professional point of view, but it rather shows us that we can bridge a lot of obstacles for the goal.

An online / hybrid Golden Globe can never be as ambitious and exciting as a personal one, but the post-covid period may be all about less luxurious solutions. In the meantime, however eagerly we wait for the opening, we still have to face the coming months and find the most effective bridging solutions.

At the Golden Globe, perhaps it was precisely this efficiency that was used less. They did not find the plus that this kind of mediation could provide. We could have seen the stars in a natural, exciting environment. With good quality cameras, even from their garden. Unfortunately, somehow some of the switches reminded me of the standard of a Zoom meeting. The empty Beverly Hilton somehow made this gala much more brittle.

They could have tried exciting pairings in the stars’ homes and apparently no one but Jason Sudekis reflected on the home office era with his outfit.

Jodie Foster and her partner were also in their pijamas. A good quality camera picture would have added a lot to this natural scene.

What will the 2022 Golden Globe look like? Will there be safe mass events in a year? We don’t know yet, but instead of waiting and impatience, we want to make the most of the present. With professional online solutions and thoughtful answers to our Partners’ questions.

What has already been formulated for us by 2021. RagazzART’s online events are not coercion solutions, but spectacular, creative – professional shows with lots of innovations.